RISE succeeds because it is a community-based effort designed to strengthen the educational system is the place it needs it most: in the low-income families whose kids suffer summer learning loss and consequently start out behind each fall. The RISE program is a partnership of concerned organizations who pitch in with individual assets to create this program.

Community Partners

Brenau University  Brenau, as part of its community outreach programming, generously provides administration assistance, grant writing, and funding for RISE each summer. Also, since 2012, Brenau College of Education students have played an active part in the summer program, serving as classroom teachers, assistant teachers and volunteers.

Gainesville Housing Authority  GHA provides funding through a ROSS grant, recruiting, grant writing and administrative assistance.

Gainesville City Schools provides our RISE location at Fair Street Elementary School, transportation for Gainesville City children, and professional assistance with curriculum and testing.

RISE is made possible by grants from:

United Way of Hall County

Jackson EMC Foundation


Brenau University:

Brenau University Department of Business and Mass Communications


Brenau University Department of Education        

Gainesville Housing Authority

United Way of Hall County

Gainesville City Schools

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation

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